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ego algorithm . ego algorithm



The Ego Algorithm dives into the human programming, showing us the identities and roles that we have been taught to play. the ego keeps us from living a peaceful and fulfilled life. Through our discussions with other spiritual entrepreneurs and leaders, we discover how to escape the mind made prisons and utilize the universal laws of energy to flow with our natural inspirations.

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short bus kid . short bus kid

short bus kid

feature film

bullying takes its toll on Colton, who now feels ready to end his life. he and his mother move to a small town in hopes that it will relieve his challenges. colton meets some unlikely friends who awaken a niew light in him. this is a story of friendship, surrender and finding love along our journey.

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awakened conversations

awakened conversations


real life conversations displaying the dance between the masculine and feminine energies. follow our journey as we learn to deepen our relationship, surrender to our inner knowing and trust the christ consciousness within. use this as a guide to expand your own relationships.

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